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Service Pack History

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May 17 2013 - Service Pack 6.1
Bug Fixes & Enhancements:
  • Orphaned Pages - If an orphaned page name contains the & character, an error occurred after re-adding the page.    
  • Merge Upgrade - If a parent project is upgraded but a merged project is not, an error occurred.
  • Windows 2012 - HelpConsole 2012 now supports Windows 2012
  • Page Name Vars - Page names can now include conditional variables
  • Popular Pages - The Popular Pages varaible, now includes merged projects.
  • Date Modified Var - Page varaibles such as Date Modified, Date Created, and author are now processed for merged pages.
  • Broken Links Report - The broken links report reported anchors as broken links.
  • Image Hotspots - When adding an image hotspot, the 'Media Pane' target can be selected to add a mouseover popup.
  • Image Hotspots - When adding an image hotspot, the 'Search Pane' target can be selected to add an onclick popup.
  • Link Hidden Page - The 'Link Page' dialog now includes hidden pages and folders.
  • Dataset Datex Type - Dataset date field type is now added as 'datex' instead of 'date'
  • Insert Variable - The page header 'Insert Variable' list now includes both system variables and page variables.
  • IE10 - When the 'create project' icon was clicked in IE10, a blank window appeared.
  • Dataset Default Value - The field 'default value' property was not working.
  • RecordURL - The 'RecordURL' variable was added to the dataset detail properties window
  • Contents PageID - If a page had a pageid of 'contents' or 'default', the static help system was not displayed correctly.
  • External URL - The page window continually refreshed when an 'External URL' was entered in page properties.
  • Contents PageID - If a page had a pageid of 'contents' or 'default', the static help system was not displayed correctly.
  • Indigo Skin Index - When the index was displayed in static flat format for the Indigo skin, there was no left margin.

  • April 8 2013 - Service Pack 6
    Bug Fixes & Enhancements:
  • Menu Variable - The Menu system variable did not display page and folder icons correctly when published.   
  • Links in Skin - Page links in the skin may not have worked correctly when published.
  • Lite Eval Publish - An error occurred when publishing a static help system when evaluating the 'lite edition'.
  • LOC[OK] - LOC[OK] was displayed in the summary when Google indexed HelpConsole pages.
  • External Page - When an external page was clicked and the help format was 'flat', the external page was not displayed.
  • PDF Page# - PDF page numbers can now be included in the PDF footer.
  • Android Browser - Help systems were not displayed correctly on Android devices.
  • PDF Merge Links - Links may not have been correct when merged projects published to PDF.
  • Import Characters - Some characters such as dash, single quote and double quote were not displayed after importing Word document.
  • Dataset Previous/Next - New function added to datasets to allow next record and previous record to be displayed.
  • Static Indigo Skin - Published Indigo skin now shows white font for selected page in contents.
  • Customer Portal - Bug introduced in previous service pack that produced an error during self registration.
  • Rate Page - The 'rate page' function did not work for merged pages.
  • Top Menu - The 'Top Menu' variable did not include merged pages.
  • User list speed - A simple format will now be displayed if there are more than 300 users in a project, to increase load speed.

  • Feb 8 2013 - Service Pack 5a
    Bug Fixes & Enhancements:
  • Dataset Parent Fields - When one dataset is embedded in another dataset, the parent field values can now be displayed.   
  • .MP4 - The .MP4 video extension is now included in the 'Media Manager'.
  • Menu Variable - The menu system variable has been improved and now includes page and folder icons. 
  • ' in Page Name - If a single quote was included in a page name, an error occurred. 
  • Embed Bug - If projectC was embedded into projectB and projectB was embedded into projectA, page not found error occurred when published.

  • January 10 2013 - Service Pack 5
    Bug Fixes & Enhancements:
  • Dataset properties - Dataset property windows now open in a separate popup window.  
  • Dataset Element Clicks - Property windows are accurately displayed when ‘find panel’, ‘detail panel’, ‘dataset field’ or ‘dataset summary’ elements clicked.
  • Field Properties - Dataset Field properties such as 'disabled' now work as expected.
  • Orange Borders - Orange border now shown around find form heading and detail fields.
  • Dataset Summaries - Dataset Summaries have been re-introduced. They were discontinued in the initial release of HC2012.
  • Child Summary Records - Dataset summaries can now be added within dataset detail panel to allow child records to be added.

  • December 7 2012 - Service Pack 4
    Bug Fixes & Enhancements:
  • PDF Links - Links with anchors not processed correctly in published PDF. 
  • META Tags - Meta tags inserted in pages are now added to <head> section when static help published.
  • Top Menu - Top Menu variable improved so that when child pages selected, the top level page is highlighted in top menu.
  • Project Name - The 'project name' variable was not processed in merged projects in static help.
  • Disabled Fields - All dataset detail fields can now be disabled.
  • Skin Height - In some cases the skin contents or skin page height was not correct when published.
  • Dataset Field List - If there is a long dataset field list, in the contents window, a scrollbar did not appear.
  • Dataset Default Values - The default value for some detail field were not applied when records were added.
  • Bookmark - The bookmark icon did not work for some browsers (Opera, Safari, Chrome).

  • November 5 2012 - Service Pack 3
    Bug Fixes & Enhancements:
  • Document Extensions - After changing allowed document extensions in properties, they may not have been applied. 
  • Flash Extensions - Allowed Flash extensions can no longer be defined in project properties.
  • Media Extensions - Allowed Media extensions can no longer be defined in project properties.
  • Image Extensions - Allowed Image extensions can no longer be defined in project properties.
  • PDF Bookmarks - Chapter level bookmarks are now included in published PDF manuals.
  • Restricted Help - Restricted Help username and password prompt can now be customized.
  • Skin Collection - The skin collection URL was changed from to
  • Chars in Password - The customer portal no longer allows these characters in passwords: +&%#*':}{<>\
  • Links in PDF - If href is not the first attribute in an <a> tag, then it was not processed correctly in PDF. 
  • Locked Project - Locked projects now prevent: add page, delete page, change properties, backup.
  • ProjectURL Var - In some cases, ProjectURL system variable was not processed correctly.
  • Index Scrolling - Index now scrolls correctly.
  • Windows 8 - HelpConsole 2012 can now be installed on Windows 8.
  • IE10 - HelpConsole 2012 now supports IE10.
  • Popup Page Vars - Page variables are now processed correctly in popups and embedded pages.
  • Static Tree ID - An error may have occurred if two static (flat format) help systems were run in the same session.
  • Vars in Merge Project - User defined variables were not processed correctly in merged projects.
  • Session Timeout - When the session times out, a more helpful message is displayed when tool forms are loaded. 
  • Insert Condition - Insert condition (SQL query) did not allow double quotes to be included.
  • Search Conditional Content  - Conditional page content was not excluded when search performed. 

  • September 5 2012 - Service Pack 2a
    Bug Fixes & Enhancements:
  • Activity Log - The Activity log date and time filter wasn't working
  • Reset Eval - A code can now be entered to reset the 30 day evaluation.
  • () in Page ID - brackets are no longer allowed in page ids. This causes problems with PDF page numbering.
  • PDF Page Numbers - Page numbers at the top of the PDF contents may not have been visible.
  • PDF & Merged Projects - Page numbers may have been missing when publishing a merged project.
  • Variables in Page Names - Variables can now be included in breadcrumbs, child page link, etc. 
  • Save Bug - Error 'Page not loaded' appeared if page switched to HTML view and then X clicked. 
  • Variables in Contents - variables can now be included in page names in the table of contents.
  • Helpful Report - The 'Helpful' report is now included in the 'knowledgebase' and 'FAQ' templates.
  • Was this Helpful - The 'Was this helpful' feature may not have worked after upgrading a project. 
  • Variables in Contents - variables can now be included in page names in the table of contents.
  • Page ID case bug - If pageid renamed from 'FAQ' to 'faq', it was renamed to 'faq_q' due to different case.
  • Import Bug - Duplicate page IDs may have been created when pages were imported from another project.
  • Large Icon Bug - Could not change large icon property back to [auto] after setting it.
  • PageID length - If pageid length was longer than 200 characters, an error ocurred.
  • Hidden Index Window - Index pages not visible if another page is being edited.
  • Page Properties Scrolling  - The way that the property window appears and scrolled has been improved.
  • Restricted Help User Prompt  - The restricted help username prompt did not appear correctly in Chrome.
  • Example Projects  - Example projects added to the HelpConsole installation.
  • New Tabs Page Object  - New 'Tabs' page object was added.
  • <> in Page Names  - The characters < and > are no longer allowed in page names.
  • Delete Bug  - If two users are deleting pages at the same time, pages may be deleted from the database but not contents.  


    June 8 2012 - Service Pack 1
    Bug Fixes & Enhancements:

  • Edit Variables - The lite edition did not allow existing variables to be edited.
  • Custom Contents Icons - Custom "tree_closedfolder.png", "tree_openfolder.png" and "tree_page.png" can now be loaded from the skin images folder.
  • Static Link Icon - a Link icon is displayed for static frames help. When clicked, the browser address is updated.
  • Add Page Bug - If a child folder or page was selected and a page was added, it was added to the top of the contents, but should have been added below the selected page.
  • Chrome Paste Bug - In Google Chrome, if text was pasted into the editor, the transparency layer did not unload after pasting.
  • Lite Add Page Bug - An error occurred in the lite edition when the 'add page' dialog was loaded.
  • Image Manager - If a property was changed in 'Tools > Properties' and then the user loaded the 'Image Manager', an error occurred.
  • Word Publish - When publishing to Word or 'Single HTML File', the message 'Creating PDF file' was displayed.
  • Delete Project - If the 'Delete Project' button was clicked and a project was not selected, an error occurred.
  • Delete All Skins - HelpConsole will no longer allow all skins to be deleted.
  • Save Page Prompt - If a page was loaded from search results, and another page was in edit mode, no prompt appeared asking to save.
  • Default Page Status - 'Default page status' property was not working.
  • Images in Merge Projects - Images included in merged projects were not included in 'MS Word' or 'Single HTML File' formats.
  • Edit Page Header - When logged in, a grey background highlights the page header and a pencil icon is shown allowing the user to quickly edit the header as needed.

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