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Add a 'Hide Contents' link

By default, the contents for most skins is always visible, however you can implement a 'Show/Hide' link so that users can hide the contents window when needed to show a larger page window. Follow the steps below to do this:

1. Login to your help project as Admin.
2. Click any yellow triangle on the screen and then select the 'Page Header' region.
3. Switch to HTML view
4. Paste the following HTML (in the example below, it was pasted after [print]):

<span style="cursor: pointer;" onclick="document.getElementById('tdcontentswrapper').style.display='none';">Hide Contents</span><span style="cursor: pointer;padding-left:20px" onclick="document.getElementById('tdcontentswrapper').style.display='table-cell';">Show Contents</span>

In live mode, users will be able to click either 'Hide Contents' or 'Show Contents'

The contents window can initially be hidden by doing the following:
1. Click "Tools > Styles"
2. Select "style_{skin}" in the list
3. Add "display:none;" to the ".skin_contentswrapper {}" style
example:   .skin_contentswrapper {display:none;width:25%;}
4. Click 'Save'
5. Refresh the browser for the changes to take effect.

Applies To
HelpConsole 2010 
HelpConsole 2012

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