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Cleaning MS Word HTML

The HelpConsole editor includes a function to clean HTML content that is pasted or imported from MS Word, however still leaves many unnecessary style attributes. To thoroughly clean content that originated from MS Word do the following:

1. Click ‘edit page’ to edit the page
2. Switch to ‘HTML’ view
3. Press <ctrl-a> to select all html code
4. Press <ctrl-x> to cut the content
5. Open the page:  in your browser
6. Place your cursor in the textbox and press <ctrl-v> to paste the HTML
7. Click “Clean the code”
8. Press <ctrl-a> to select the clean HTML
9. Press <ctrl-c> to copy the clean HTML
10. Place your cursor in the HTML view of your Helpconsole page (where you just cut from)
11. Press <ctrl-v> to paste the clean html
12. Press the ‘save’ button

Applies To

HelpConsole 2010

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