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HelpConsole folder permissions

For the sake of simplicity, the instructions state that the 'user' requires full permissions for the HelpConsole 2008 folder.  However, the actual group that requires write permissions is "Authenticated Users".  You can assign permissions for the "Authenticated Users" group by doing the following: 

1.    right click the 'HelpConsole 2008 folder' 
2.    Select 'Sharing and Security'

3.    Select the 'Security' tab 
4.    Click the 'Advenced' button 
5.    Click the 'Add' button

6.    Click the 'Advanced' button 
7.    Click the 'Find now' button 
8.    Select 'authenticated users' in the list 
9.    Click 'OK' 
10.  Click 'OK' 
11.  Check the 'Full Control' checkbox 
12.  Click 'OK' 
13.  Click 'OK' 
14.  The username "Authenticated users" should now be in the 'Group or user names' list 
15.  Click 'OK'

Applies To

HelpConsole 2007
HelpConsole 2008

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