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How to Apply Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that tracks where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site. For more information, see:

In order to apply Google Analytics to a help system, javascript code needs to be embedded into each help page. The code can be included in the <head> or the <body> tag of each page. Here are three ways to do this: 

Option 1 - Add the script direct to the skin. 
The help format would need to be ‘flat’ for this to work. The advantage is that you would only need to add this code to one place. 

  1. Set the help format to ‘flat’ in “Tools > Properties”
  2. When logged in as admin, click the yellow triangle at the top left to edit the skin header.
  3. Click ‘HTML’ to switch to html view.
  4. Add the code and then click ‘save’

Option 2 - Add the script to each page.
The script could also be added to the page template in “Tools > Page Templates” 

  1. Set the ‘Allow Scripts’ property to true in “Tools > Properties” 
  2. Click ‘Edit Page’ 
  3. Click ‘HTML’ to switch to html view. 
  4. Add the code and then click ‘Save’

Option 3 - Add the script to each page via a variable.

The advantage is that you can update the script at any time if needed, and it is easy to add to each page.

  1. Click “Tools > Variables” 
  2. Click ‘Add’ and create a variable named ‘analytics’ 
  3. Click ‘HTML’ to switch to HTML view 
  4. Add the code and then click save 
  5. To add to each page, click ‘Edit Page’ and add [analytics] anywhere on the page

Option 1 is recommended if you don’t mind your help system being flat format. Option 3 is recommended if you want your help system to be frames format. 

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HelpConsole 2010

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