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Create a Restricted Help System (HC2008)

Follow the steps below to restrict an existing help project. Readers will only see a login link until they login.

1. Open your help project 
2. Click the ‘login’ link. Login as ‘admin’ 
3. Select ‘Tools > Skins’ 
4. Click ‘Add’ 
5. Enter ‘public’ for the skin name 
6. Click the ‘<>’ icon to switch to HTML view 
7. Clear all html code and replace with “[welcome user]” 
8. Click ‘Save’ 
9. Close the ‘skins’ form 
10. Click “Tools > Security Groups” 
11. Click ‘Add’ 
12. Enter ‘public’ for the name 
13. Select ‘public’ for ‘default skin’ 
14. Click ‘save’ 
15. Click the ‘admin’ security group to edit it 
16. Change the ‘default skin’ to ‘blue’ (or whatever skin you’re using) 
17. Click ‘Save’ 
18. Close the ‘security groups’ form 
19. Select ‘Tools > users’ 
20. Click ‘Add’ 
21. Enter ‘public’ for the username 
22. Enter ‘public’ for the full name 
23. Select ‘public’ for ‘security group’ 
24. Click ‘Save’ 
25. Close the ‘users’ form 
26. Click the ‘Logout’ link


Applies to: HelpConsole 2008

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