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How to Decrease the Size of a HelpConsole Project

Compact the project database

If you have MS Access, you can compact the project database by doing the following:

  1. First backup your project in HelpConsole by clicking “Tools > Backup”
  2. Use MS Access to open the database: “c:\program files\helpconsole 2010\{project}\data\project.dat”
  3. Click the icon at the top left
  4. Select “Manage > Compact and Repair Database”

Delete the ‘(old files)’ folder

If the folder “c:\program files\HelpConsole 2012\{project}\(old files)” exists, delete it

Delete the ‘project.dat(backup)’ file

If the file “c:\program files\HelpConsole 2012\{project}\data\project.dat(backup)” exists, delete it

Delete Unused Images

  1. Login as ‘Admin’
  2. Click “Admin > Reports > Unused Images”
  3. Select all images and click ‘Delete Selected Images’

Delete PDF Manual

  1. Delete the file “c:\program files\HelpConsole 2012\{project}\ _temp_pdf.htm”
  2. Delete the file “c:\program files\HelpConsole 2012\{project}\docs\manual.pdf”

Delete Static Folders

  1. If the folder “c:\program files\HelpConsole 2012\{project}\static” exists, delete it.
  2. If any other ‘publish folders’ exist, delete them.

Delete Docs Files

If there are unused files in “c:\program files\HelpConsole 2012\{project}\docs\”, delete them


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