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How to hide the login link

The best way to hide the login button, but still be able to click the hidden link is to do the following: 

1. Login as admin 
2. Click “Tools > Translations” 
3. For “login” enter the value “ ” (this is the code for a space character) 
4. Click “Save: 
5. Click Logout 

If you want to hide the little white line, you can do the following: 

1. Login as admin 
2. Click “Tools > Styles > style_blue.css” (or whatever skin you have applied) 
3. Enter the following styles: 

.login_link:link {text-decoration:none} 
.login_link:active {text-decoration:none} 
.login_link:visited {text-decoration:none} 
.login_link:hover {text-decoration:none} 

4. Click ‘Save’ 
5. Click the “logout” link 
6. Refresh the browser for the style to take effect. 

Applies To

HelpConsole 2010

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